Tuesday, December 23, 2008



I wish to welcome you all to a blog that I hope will inform, enlighten and amuse us all.
As with every personal blog, a lot of the owners persona will be reflected, I hope this will be respected as I promise to respect your individual contribution. Yap, I know, the logo already! I guess some Blues and Reds are jut gon log off...like i said above, let's give each other a try, that's the fun part right?
So, what is it all about? What new and creative angle am I bringing forth? I did not conceptualize with such a catch. I believe as we progress we will chart out our mission.
However, let me say that the content focus on my part will be very "It's a man's World" centered.
I hope you will enjoy reading, contributing, critisizing and posting to me your opinions, pics and lives! Please feel free to write in both English and Swahili without debate.

Please be assured that your identity and information will be guarded. Your original contributions acknowledged as posted. Any personal attacks will be discarded. Vulgarity not welcome. There is a fine line between sexy and trashy, we will permit the former. Individuals rights and freedoms respected.

So, with that said, let the experience begin!!